Signs and Words– Part VIII

This is another youtube video from my mother-in-law. I was half way crowling on the floor, because they are funny in a kind of foolish way. And the video is from a classic movie. I guess we just forgot about the movie all along. The clip is from Mary Poppin.

Many arguments also posted on this video posting, some good constructive criticism was given on the posting, and of course, many of them cannot agree with the argument. I remember when I first watched the movie, I saw it on HBO one of the Christmas special at 90s. My English was not so great then and unfortunately cannot understand what it was about! But now when I go back, I realize that the song was portrait women sufferage.


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Signs and Words- Part VII

There are many sexual harassment at work. Thanks to the motion picture and wonderful hollywood, these sexual harassment issues are addressed in the movies.

Remember Demi Moore as powerful boss and tried to get Michael Douglas in trouble with sexual harassment? Disclosure is one of the movie that addressed that not just women are being sexually harassed in the work place, men can also be harassed at work.

Besides Disclosure, movie North Country, is also a great movie talked about sexual harassment both at work and at school. The main character Josey is the poor girl that suffered from all these harassment. Because federal’s new work law, a coal minning factory is open positions for women. These women are treated unfairly and unequally at the work place because people believe that coal minning is guy’s job. Women should either stay at home or doing other jobs that women can do. In addition, many people think Josey is a unfaithful woman because her past sexual history with her high school teacher; however, not many people knows that she was raped by her teacher. The film is also lawsuit related, some people think the movie was pretty boring because all the lawsuit. For me, it was pretty interesting because all the struggles that Josey had suffered makes me remember someone I know.

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Signs and Words- Part VI

As I just finish my law and sex final, I realized that there is a very important issue that I forgot to address in this class- Rape. Rape victims suffered multiple psychological and physical harm from rape based on whether it is an aggravated rape or simple rape. The physical harm can be treated and healed, but the psychological harm can hardly fixed. When such situation happened, it is way better if you have somebody to talk to then just keep the secret to yourself. In Las Cruces, we have several rape and sexual assult consults. However, not everybody likes to talk about it in a face-to-face manner. I found a blog talk about rape issue and is a great place for rape victim to talk it out. Check out the blog at

Movie, A Time to Kill, talks about rape and racist in the movie. The background of the movie is in deep south. Two white males brutally raped and torture a young black girl in the woods. Just after “they are done with her”, these two males throw the girl into the river. According to the law, these two males only received maximum ten years jail time, but such heinous crime should be punished more than ten years. As the girl’s father, he killed these two white males before the court hearing. I read the book as well, in the book, the crime scene actually is more colorful and heinous than in the movie. The movie also talks about the KKK and how serious the race issue in deep South. If you are really into the lawsuit movie, you should go rent it as well. Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, and Samual Jackson play the lead roles in this movie.

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Signs and Words–Part V

In regarding to more same-sex marriage issue, we must also talked about Miss USA’s comments and judge’s cmment. Here is the Miss California’s respond:. And here is Perez Hilton’s respond to why Miss California did not win Miss USA: Knowing that there are many controversials of gay marriage, but I also agree with Perez that Miss USA is all about uniting people with different opinions and work toward the greater goods. Or we should say to keep the whole nation not spliting because of the gay marriage issue. Miss USA is a world popular program, we can even watch the program in China, Miss California’s response really shows the thoughtless and childish part of her. I also think the same question should also be asked to other beauty pagents. However, this is what Carrie Prejeans said in NBC news after Miss USA Freedom of Speech is important, but as Miss USA, you are speak for all people with different opinions. Stand with your own opinion is not what you suppost to do.

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Signs and Words– Part IV

After Iowa Supreme Court rule that same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional, I have been search on the website more about Iowa. Clearly, Iowa is not as conservative as we thought. In one of the youtube video from Iowa Public Television, Iowa in the late 1800s rule out the slavery is illegal. Also, by that time, Iowa also gave women right to vote, right to own property, and child’s custody during the divorce. The video is kind of long, 21 minutes, but for people who would like to know the detail of IOWA’s same-sex marriage ruling or you are interested in law, it is a really interesting argument

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Seriously pissed off

It is so uncool to talk about my personal business at the blog, but I just feel that I need a garbage can to throw away my trash before I explode. In general, I think he is a pretty good man. However, there are many people told me he actually is not as good as I thought.

We are married for five years. During these five years, I have been working for the most of the time because he just cannot find a job in this town. for my parents, they think that he is using as a money earning tool. They think that even though he does not have a Bachelor degree, he can always find a job at Wal-mart or some other retail store. His unemployment is caused by his laziness. At the first couple of years, I have been defending my husband right in front of my parents, but now, I am changing my mind.

As ASNMSU Attorney General, my term of the position is only one year position and it ends at May 31 each year. This year, I decided not to continuously apply to the position. I told him that I feel tired and would like to take a break from student government. Moreover, since this is his favorite job, he can apply the job and take over the position. He then told me that he already did so. He also asked me what I am going  to do if I do not work as Attorney General. I told him that I would like to finish my thesis and graduate. If I can find a teaching job while I finish my thesis, I will take the job, otherwise, I will just have to be unemployed. He started telling me that he think I should get a retail job if I can’t find any teaching position. He knows how much I hate retail job and would like to find a serious career. Furthermore, I also worked at Gamestop at the mall, he told me that he does not want me to quit that job because I might use that job to transfer to Denver. The problems are:

1. he is a gamer;

2. he wants to go to Denver after he graduated

3. Gamestop only gave me 4 hours per month to work

Under these circumstances, I really feel like I have been used. Unfortunately, I still love him,  and I am not planning divorce him. I just really don’t know what I should do with him anymore.

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Toward to the end of the semester, I realize that I am in the metamorphic sphere of becoming a fully feminism.

During last summer, I read an interesting article which talks about the “closet feminism.” Many people don’t think they are feminism, but in fact, they are doing what feminists are doing. “How come?” you may ask. Just like one of the video clip that I have posted from youtube, not many people understand the actual definition of feminism. These women and men fight for the equality between genders, but due to the religion education  and traditional family education, these feminism are actually in the closet.  As a learn-to-be feminist, I start have the doubt that whether we should encourage these closet feminist to come out of the closet.  The intention of being a feminist is to improve the gender equality in this society, if “coming out” means that they might be afraid of being mocked, I rather they decide to be in the closet, at least they are continuously working over the equality issue.

After taking this class, I started to realize there is something with our education, perhaps something wrong with our society in a bigger scope. What is wrong with being a feminist? Why is everybody look at you weird when you say you are a feminist? We all know that not all the feminists are men haters, lesbians (nothing wrong with being lesbians too,) militant women. This is a serious issue for people to understand what feminism is. Also, not many guys seems to understand that even today, there is no actual equality between genders. Women can do mostly everything guys can do. Our bodies and other biological and psychological features may not structure the same way, but it means that women are able to resolve problems in a different ways, views issues in a different angles. The idea of “only men’s believes are right believes”, “only men’s decisions are right decisions” should be adapted. women, as men, have the same level of intelligent, women really should not seen ourselves as the “secondary” members of our house even our countries.

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